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Premier Mobile IV Therapy Texas

Do you feel sick? But laying in your bed is not in your work or training schedule?

Do you feel overworked and stressed? But you still have work to do?

Despair not because IV mobile therapy can help you. And you don’t have to leave your home, office, or hotel. Simply order your IV package to your residence!

It is only natural for your body to give in when exposed to significant stress levels. Whether you are up to your ears at work or on a never ending business trip, your immune system will
falter, and sooner or later, you will catch a germ.

Normally, you need to give your body adequate time to rest and recuperate, both from overworking and from the disease. However, sometimes you just can’t. So, you need a little miracle, and that is where IV therapy comes in.

IV therapy can help you replace lost nutrients and vitamins, feel better, recover after an athletic event or a challenging work week, and much more!

Are you interested in how IV therapy can help your specific situation? Give us a call at (972) 833-0008 or send us an email at

Premier Mobile IV Therapy in Texas is Only a Call Away

Your comfort is our number one priority. Choose a premier IV treatment that comes to you!

You can avoid waiting in a stuffed room full of sick patients only to be sent home with a “drink a lot of tea” prescription. When you know the best way to help your body is to rest and hydrate, IV therapy can boost that process and help you get back on your feet quickly.

But the best thing about mobile IV therapy is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home, office, or hotel. At Theraptiva, you can order an IV package that helps with everything from flu symptoms to head-shattering migraines.

Here is how it works:

1. You call us ready to explain your symptoms.

2. You Choose a package yourself or with a bit of our expert help.

3. One of our registered nurses will be on their way to administer the IV therapy.

4. Wait for around 45 minutes.

5. Feel better.

6. The feeling can last for days and sometimes weeks!

That is how simple our process is and how close you are to better health, younger skin, and optimized muscle performance!

3 Reasons You Can Benefit From Premier Mobile IV Therapy in Texas

Mobile IV therapy is a premium health service where the healing comes to you. Anyone can benefit from it, but there are three scenarios for which vitamin therapy is perfect.

You don’t have time to be sick.

Many business professionals and expert or amateur athletes experience weeks where the 24-hour day is too short. In those moments, there is rarely time to properly care for your body and health, much less something as small as vitamin milligrams.

But you also cannot afford to become sick since that would slow down your progress. So,the only solution is to boost your metabolism before and during such periods and keep your natural defenses high when you start the grind.

Last nights party was a blast, and now you are hungover.

If you are hungover after a heavy night out, that is normal, but it is also annoying. Your head feels like it is going to burst, you are thirstier than Tom Hanks was in Cast Away before he learned how to open a coconut, and even smelling food might create weird sensations in
your stomach. Luckily for you, hangovers are readily treated with mobile IV therapy in Texas. You can easily order your package and receive a perfect hydration treatment that removes the headache, eases nausea, and provides your body with all the nutrients it needs.

Are migraines your worst enemy?

One in seven Americans suffers from a migraine. And the tricky part is that most people treat it wrong. You shouldn’t just drink a painkiller once you realize a migraine is coming.

Instead, you should book a Migraine Relief IV therapy session. Migraine-specific IV treatment helps your body replenish nutrients whose deficiencies are connected with

migraines, like vitamin B-12. Migraine Relief IV Therapy also contains Toradol, a much more potent anti-inflammatory drug that activates faster and leaves fewer symptoms.

Here Are Our Three Most Sought After IV Therapy Packages

You can choose premier mobile IV therapy in Texas to alleviate current symptoms or prepare your body and boost your immune system and metabolism. Your choice depends on your current needs. If you need help selecting a suitable treatment, here are three IV Drip packages our customers choose the most.

Myers Cocktail IV Drip

Myers Cocktail is as close to a miracle treatment as you can get. You can use it to alleviate symptoms from illnesses like the flu, hay fever, and even COVID.

Your body can also benefit from regular Myers Cocktail usage because it supplements your vitamin intake, boosts the immune system and energy levels, and hydrates your body.

Migraine Relief IV Drip

Migraine Relief IV Drip is a life-saving treatment you can receive to make it through the migraine without putting your life on hold.
When a migraine attack starts, you probably become extremely sensitive to light and sounds. If that is true for you, don’t leave your home or office looking for treatment. You can get the most out of our premium mobile IV therapy in Texas and let the help come to you.

The After Party IV Drip

Do you even need an explanation why the After Party IV Drip is one of our bestsellers? Are you so hungover that you wish a button exists to make it all go away? Well, it does and it is available in Texas.

Where Can You Order the Premium Mobile IV Therapy in Texas?

Mobile IV therapy is available in North and East Texas and DFW Cities. The more positive reviews our customers leave and the more the need for IV therapy increases in America, the more we are trying to expand the area we serve.

So, even if our mobile IV therapy is not yet available in your area, check again in a few months or years. You can book an appointment or check if we have expanded our service area by calling (972) 833-0008 or emailing us at

What is Premium Mobile IV Therapy in Texas, and is it Safe?

IV therapy has long been used in hospitals as a treatment for dehydration and vitamin deficiency. Intravenous treatment could also help when the patients digestive tract is not functioning and they lack nutrients and liquids after surgery.

Mobile IV therapy combines what was already available in hospitals with the needs of everyday working people. People who are too busy to pay attention to their vitamin intake or lay in bed for days with something as simple as the flu. What makes everything even more interesting is that mobile IV treatment comes to you. You don’t have to leave your home, and you can order it at your office or hotel.

Also, premium mobile IV Therapy in Texas is safe to receive. The additional vitamins and minerals can only help your body function better. To book an appointment, you will first have to fill in a simple questionnaire where you can point out any vital information.

After booking, one of our registered nurses will be on their way to you. First, they will do a simple medical check-up and then administer the treatment.

Here’s How IV Therapy Can Help You

Mobile IV therapy can help you with a myriad of issues. The most obvious are vitamin deficiencies and dehydration, both of which can have grave symptoms.

But there are also other, less-known issues IV therapy can help you with.

For example, research has shown that a deficiency in B vitamins can be connected to mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and stress. Actually, improving your diet, in general, can increase your energy and improve your mood if you suffer from depression or anxiety.

Providing your body with more B vitamins than it needs helps it process the carbohydrates you eat into nutrients and create more energy. Increasing vitamin B levels can lead to numerous improvements in both your body and mental health.

You can say something similar for a crucial little molecule most people have never even heard of – NAD+. NAD+ or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is a coenzyme with two essential tasks in your body.

It increases your energy levels by boosting your metabolism and acts as a helper molecule for more than a hundred other processes in your system. Without enough NAD+, many proteins in your body would be unable to function properly because they need a coenzyme to help them

And the biggest problem is that NAD+ levels decrease as you age, so the older you get, the more vital it is to use NAD+ therapy and keep its numbers at an optimal level.

Finally, the available research on the effectiveness of IV therapy can already confirm it helps with work fatigue, flu symptoms, muscle performance, asthma in children, skin health, and immune system function.

If you don’t have the time to lay in your bed and wait for the sickness to pass, then IV therapy is everything you need.

Your Health Is Leading the Way for Theraptiva

Theraptiva firmly believes in transparency and trust. IV therapy, as effective as it may be, is a new treatment. One of our goals is to improve and promote IV therapy until it becomes widely accepted and a go-to wellness and health solution.

However, the idea that IV therapy becomes a common way of treatment has another, grander goal in front of it. And that is your health.

Improving your health, boosting your muscle performance, and making your life more pleasant, even marginally, are at the core of Theraptiva’s values.

Meet the People Who Care for Your Health

It is understandable if you feel uncomfortable with a stranger coming to your house to administer IV therapy. Even when you know the nurse is there to ease your symptoms, it might be hard to relax and enjoy the treatment.

So why don’t you get to know a little about the team?

Dr. Nabeel Koro is the doctor creating the packages and overseeing all medical practice at Theraptiva. Dr. Nabeel loves cooking. He was known for his cooking skills during his studies at Saint Luis University, where he got his internal medicine residency and his fellowship in gastrointestinal oncology.

But Dr. Nabeel is also a father of three young boys and enjoys spending time with them. He fills in the rest of his free time by watching a great movie or game.

And Natasha Clark, or Tasha as most people call her, is a registered nurse whose team will be administering your IV therapy once you book an appointment. Tasha is a U.S. Navy Combat Veteran who got her bachelors degree in nursing at the University of Nebraska after serving for eight years with the navy.

Tasha enjoys spending her time outdoors with her husband and two pit bulls. She is also a perfectionist looking to create a kind of IV therapy that will alleviate all of your problems and boost your health and body for weeks to come.


There is Nothing Else to Wait for. Book an Appointment Today!

Now you know everything about Theraptiva and more about IV therapy than you did before reaching this website. There is little more to say but to offer you one of the easiest ways to boost your health, natural resistance, and muscle performance – Premium Mobile IV Therapy in Texas.

If you agree and are ready to receive your package, you can reach us at (972) 833-0008 or by email at and book your appointment as soon as possible!

Our Healthcare Service

Metabolism is required to keep weight in check. Select our IV drip for metabolism boost to burn fat. It contains vitamins, Carnitine, Taurine, etc. to kick start your process of losing those extra pounds.
Skin Care

Skin Care

Our IV drip for skincare includes a variety of vitamins and minerals to make your skin glow. Vitamins such as B12 and others for energy, magnesium for strength, and salt for muscle relaxation, help your skin attain natural beauty.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Select this treatment for weight management. The weight loss taurine drip is prepared to strengthen your heart and control blood pressure. While weight loss vitamin C IV drip contains antioxidants that help the body prevent hypertension and build immunity.



Our anti-aging IV drips aim to provide beautiful and young skin, hair, and nails. The anti-aging biotin drip promotes healthy hair and bones. The anti-aging vitamin C drip maintains tissue connectivity, skin, and blood vessels.



Metabolism is required to keep weight in check. Select our IV drip for metabolism boost to burn fat. It contains vitamins, Carnitine, Taurine, etc. to kick start your process of losing those extra pounds.

About Theraptiva

We Come to Your Home, Office, or Hotel for Rapid Relief

We’ve helped several people across Texas to relieve from migraines, cold, food poisoning, dehydration, etc. And guess what? All this is done without going out of your home, office, or hotel. Our mobile IV therapy in Dallas + Houston offers on-demand vitamins and mixes that help you rehydrate and make you feel better. When you are in need of a safe and rapid relief, we are just a call away!

Quality of Care Services

Our mobile IV hydration services near you are administered by qualified nurses under the direction of experts. Our local IV therapy has received 5-star reviews to do everything in our power to help you feel better.

Standards of Treatment

Our medical professionals are experts in recommending the treatment that’s right to treat your symptoms. Our medical experts are specialized in telemedicine who can quickly review symptoms and recommend appropriate home hydration.

Infection Prevention

Our medical professionals are experts in recommending the treatment that’s right to treat your symptoms. Our medical experts are specialized in telemedicine who can quickly review symptoms and recommend appropriate home hydration.

Our Packages

Our home IV drip treatments have a variety of packages to choose from to help you feel better wherever you are. Our treatment packages consist of dehydration, hangover, Immunity boost, cocktail, beauty, weight loss, and more!

Areas We Serve

A visit to the emergency room at the hospital for drip IV therapy takes up your day. We cover all areas of Dallas and Houston. Get mobile IV therapy near you to save your time and energy.

Make an Appointment

No need to go to the doctor. We come to you! Book an appointment with us and we’ll be back with a mobile IV therapy in Houston and Dallas that fits your body requirement.

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How We Work

A Comprehensive Directory For Your Health Care


    You can select from our IV at home hydration drips or we can assist you in choosing the best fit for you!


    Schedule your appointment by booking a day and time that’s feasible for you. One of our nurses will call you for details.


    We arrive at your location to start the infusion. We can also reach in an hour depending on the availability of nurses. With our experience and expertise, we help to make you feel fresh!


    After the infusion, you get back to your routine and be a happier you!

Best Medical & Healthcare

Looking for mobile IV therapy? We’ve got you covered!

Hospitals do provide IV drips, but their IV therapy pricing is more than a mobile IV medics service. When you contact Theraptiva, you experience our trained medical professionals arriving at your preferred location to help you get back to your healthier self!

We’ve helped patients with jetlag, cold, headaches, etc. to get back to their normal lives with our variety of treatments. Call us for rapid relief from your symptoms.

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