Does Insurance Cover IV Therapy?

Does Insurance Cover IV Therapy?

What Are The Benefits of IV Therapy?

Mobile IV therapies can provide a number of benefits including relief from dehydration and fatigue. The nutrients are delivered directly into your bloodstream through an intravenous line, which means that they bypass the digestive system altogether!

We’re sorry, but we do not accept private insurance. If you have Medicare or Medicaid available to buy your health care services from us then our prices will be too high for what they offer in return so it’s best if those options don’t suit the needs of who looks after things like this anymore! However – there are many ways people can pay which means fantastic service without extra expense on top-of already affordable pricing structures such as credit cards (with low interest rates) checks made payable directly into an account.


Why We Don’t Accept Health Insurance

Insurers often deny claims after the fact for IV vitamin therapy, leaving providers to cover the costs. If an insurance company does agree to pay out a settlement it’s typically 90 days later before they do so–and most of time you’ll have paid some portion yourself anyway because we don’t accept health care as payment since there’s no guarantee when or if your coverage will be approved any given year! Our services are already so affordable that a copay wouldn’t amount to much in savings. It’s certainly not enough to justify filing a claim with your insurance company.

Payment Methods We Accept for IV Therapy

IV therapy can be costly and inconvenient. It’s also not always enough to just get treatment when you need it; there are many factors that determine how comfortable your experience with us will be, such as where we provide our services or the type of payment options available for what is considered an emergency room visit (which often leads patients back into urgent care centers). We understand this all too well – which is why at Theraptiva®, each patient gets individualized care by qualified professionals who come right away!

We make it easy to feel your best by accepting all forms of payment. Cash or most major credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard- Discover American Express will work well for you! Some health plans are also accepted here at our office!

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