How to Support your Patients in Recovery Using IV Nutrient Therapy

The patients who may have been under constant drug or substance abuse are depleted of the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. This depletion is quite obvious to happen and therefore an alternative source of recovery is desired that would certainly help in replenishing the loss in the shortest possible timeframe, thus preventing the occurrence of a medically unsound condition, often termed as relapse. Prophylactic measures of the type IV Nutrient Therapy shall make all the difference. The therapy is quite beneficial in creating a very optimum level of nutrient status among the individuals who are on the recovery mode from lethal drugs like tobacco, methamphetamine, etc., besides alcohol.

How does IV nutrient Therapy work in Reality?

The IV nutrient therapy is not any kind of rocket science like it may otherwise seem. Rather it is a plain intravenous procedure undertaken in laboratory conditions, and the patients on which such procedure is performed will get back to normal levels with all the lost nutrients returning back within days. The therapy is very effective quick and result-oriented. There are also no side effects of the therapy known in the patients.  Before planning the therapy, the physician shall diagnose the condition of the patient. He would also make the assessment on the number of nutrients lost, while also measuring the extent of this loss.  After the intravenous administration of desired patients, there is the replenishment of essential nutrients.  The patient begins to feel normal over a period of time.  The relapse condition is also not reached, which is indeed a great way to lead to healthy well-being. The therapy is a real game-changer.

Supporting the Tobacco Addicted Patients for Recovery

Smoking surges oxidative levels in the body, and this leads to damage of arteries veins, and other soft tissues inside the body. The reliability of blood vessels and their oxygen-carrying capacity is reduced, and this poses the threat to individuals. The tendency of occurrence of health conditions such as cerebrovascular accidents, heart attacks, and other similar ailments begins to increase tremendously, and dire consequences are quite imminent. Tobacco-addicted patients have got a high rate of capillary blockage and break-off.  The reason for such break-offs and blockage comes from the deficiency of Vitamin C. The vitamin is otherwise considered an essential antioxidant to limit the manifestation of free radicals. Mind it, antioxidants are useful in providing strength to the fine and thin capillary walls, and ensuring the flow of blood and fluids, along with the nutrients and minerals. It is pretty clear here that to negate the harmful effects of free radicals resulting out of tobacco smoking or chewing, individuals require more antioxidants such as Vitamin C along with other Micronutrients and Macronutrients.

How Alcoholic Patients are supported by IV Nutrient Therapy

Patients who have a severe dependency on alcohol suffer from nutrient and vitamin loss and this loss is quite detrimental to every part of the organ. With alcohol consumption, the capacity of absorbing Vitamin B Complex, which also includes the Folic Acid, is reduced by considerable amounts. And those alcoholic patients who are suffering from mild to severe withdrawal symptoms, show extremely low levels of folic acid in the cerebrospinal fluid. One of the painstaking experiences in patients who have a dependency on alcohol is Delirium Tremens.

In addition, individuals who have a dependency on alcohol also show poo absorption of Pantothenic Acid from the bloodstream. This Vitamin B vitamin is secreted in large amounts in urine, leading to its deficiency in the patients.  IV Nutrient Therapy comes to rescue such alcoholic patients through intravenous injections. The administering of injection intravenously as part of therapy shall help in the replenishment of vitamins and other nutrients. The amazing therapy provides a way to safeguard the lives of patients.    

Treating Meth Dependent Patients with IV Nutrient Therapy 

Mild or excessive usage of methamphetamine (meth) by the individuals can easily develop a cognitive injury, which is a matter of psychological problem. Intake of Meth results in Vitamin B12 deficiency. In the case of patients who are recovering from Meth addiction, the levels of vitamin B12 were further responsible as inducing factors. There have been incidents of several relapses one after the other in Meth addicted patients. Applying the therapy shall definitely bring back the nutritional imbalances and Vitamin B12 deficiency to the safest levels.   

Supporting the Recovery of Patients on Opiates or Artificial Opioids

Patients who are using opiate drugs show loss of Vitamin D and this is when the IV Nutrient Therapy is applied as an additional or supportive therapy along with the pain management.  Similarly, addiction to Heroin may very likely cause hyperkalemia, while addiction to Morphine would reduce the calcium capacity in the body.  With IV Nutrient Therapy in place, patients will have an effective way of increasing the number of nutrients in the body and nullifying the effect. 

Leading Merits of IV Nutrient Therapy

It is an established fact that IV Nutrient Therapy is the trustworthy means by which essential minerals, vitamins, and all forms of nutrients can be restocked back into the body system. Here are a few leading merits:

  • The therapy helps in relieving the hangovers in the body that may have been the result of alcohol intake;
  • The therapy plays an indispensable role in detoxifying the body;
  • The therapy plays a significant role in enhancing human fortitude and strength;
  • The therapy aids in enhancing the clarity of mental and cognitive functions and increases the decision-making process;
  • The therapy hastens the rate of flow of the blood;
  • The therapy maintains the quality of hair and skin beauty;
  • Prevents the occurrence of insomnia or the loss of sleep;
  • The therapy ameliorates body pain and allows easy movement and locomotion.

Conclusion: The IV Nutrient Therapy is indeed one of the best possible takes to help patients of drug abuse to make a quick recovery from drug and material abuse, and lead the path towards the development of health.  In order to be precisely correct, IV Nutrient Therapy balances out the imbalances in the Macronutrients and Micronutrients levels.

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