Our IV Therapy Bars in Wellness Centers

IV Bars Now Available in Select Wellness Centers Across Texas

Wellness centers are excellent destinations for overall medical improvement. If you need more medical assistance than IV therapy can do for you, then a wellness center might be what you are looking for. Or better yet, IV therapy at a wellness center.

IV bars or lunges are now becoming a common sight in wellness centers across the country. At IV bars, you can receive the same IV drips as you can order from us, plus you will have access to weight loss treatments, massage therapy, detoxification, and much more.

Are you interested in what IV therapy at a wellness center feels like? Or maybe you are managing a center yourself and want to add IV bars to your list of services? In any case, try reading this page to get a better understanding of IV therapy at wellness centers.

Why You Should Visit a Wellness Center?

You can benefit in numerous ways from visiting a wellness center. 

First of all, at a wellness center, both your body and mental health are monitored from the first visit. Patients can often suffer from ailments that are hard to notice, like high blood pressure.

You might notice symptoms like headaches and nosebleeds, but those can happen for many other medical reasons. It is not until you get a full medical check-up that you discover you are suffering from such an illness.

Secondly, at a wellness center, you can improve your health in many areas. There are usually chiropractors to correct your spine, detoxification services to return the body to a wellness state, IV vitamin therapy, and more.

Sometimes, a combination of some or all of these services is exactly what your body needs to function properly.

Finally, a wellness center acts as one unit instead of each medical professional working on their own. They will all work together and share information about your health to treat you as efficiently as possible.

The Benefits of IV Therapy at a Wellness Center

The IV drips you can find at a wellness center are usually similar to what Theraptiva offers online and as a part of mobile IV therapy. There are, however, a few key differences that make it more beneficial for some patients to visit a wellness center.

When you order the mobile IV therapy, a registered nurse comes to your home to install the treatment and conduct a simple medical check-up. But many patients could benefit from more services than just IV drips.

Detoxification, massage therapy, and weight loss solutions are only some examples of the services you can receive at a wellness center. When you visit a wellness center, you have access to a complete range of medical services, and you can check your health for many different ailments and get the best for your body and mind. 

Also, there is the social aspect of visiting a wellness center. One of the advantages of mobile IV therapy is the fact you can receive it in your home or office, without many people around. 

However, for some patients, that is a disadvantage.

Wellness centers, especially larger ones, are a place for socialization. You can often bring a friend or family member, spend some time in the pool or at the bar, get a few treatments, and feel better and healthier as you leave.

What Can You Treat With IV Bars?

At IV bars, you can receive the same kind of IV drips that you can order for mobile IV therapy.

You can treat the flu symptoms with a vitamin and minerals boost directly to your bloodstream. You can also improve muscle function and recovery after a taxing athletic activity like running a marathon. 

Plus, with most IV drips, your body will improve its natural defenses since most therapies increase red blood cell numbers.

Additionally, you can receive a skincare IV drip or anti-aging therapy. There is also a treatment to improve your gut health containing high levels of glutathione, a substance called the mother of all antioxidants.

If you can combine IV therapy at a wellness center with a treatment like detoxification or massage therapy, you will almost certainly feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle everything on your way.

Are IV Bars Different from IV Therapy?

IV bars are the new popular service at most wellness centers. IV bars or lounges are essentially the same as IV therapy, with the difference that the rooms are often larger to accommodate multiple patients.

The idea is that you can sit down to receive your IV drips and socialize with other patients simultaneously. Some centers offer a more private solution with individual rooms for each patient, but the idea of a large space where patients come to receive IV therapy is the same.

You might be happy to hear that you can find our IV therapy at some wellness centers. And if you would like for your wellness center to use our drips and services, you can suggest that to them.

IV Therapy for Wellness Centers

If you are running a wellness center, and want to add IV bars to your list of services, then you are at the right place.

At Theraptiva, you can find the most effective and popular IV drips. Offer your patients an effective skin care IV treatment or an immune system booster and help them recover from flu symptoms or jet lag.

Today, IV therapy is all the rage, and you can boost your revenue by offering IV bars to your visitors. If you are interested, contact us directly at (972) 454-4379 or contact@theraptiva.com, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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