The After Party​ IV Drip

The After Party

Price: $200

Only few parties go without leaving its participants with party hangovers that stick around sometimes till the end of day. However, this After Party IV drip is the effective cure to treat hangovers.

It leverages the fastest methods to curing hangovers which includes staying hydrated and getting plenty of sleep. So, through naturally sourced ingredients, it pushes these two reactions in the body and in no time, gets the symptoms of hangover out the door.


  • B complex
  • B12
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin C
  • Glutathione
  • Zofran (Anti-nausea medication)
  • Toradol (pain)
  • Pepcid (heartburn relief)

Each ingredient has stress relief properties, hence, no matter the severity of the hangover, our IV drip brings immediate relief to every symptom. What it does is to rehydrate the body, then detoxify, and lastly restore all the lacking body nutrients. Within few minutes of use, the body will begin to respond to the drip and immediately grant relief to symptoms.

Great for

  • Detoxification
  • Rehydration
  • Dousing symptoms of hangover

After Party IV Drip

Did you wake up this morning feeling like you just went through the Navy Seals’ fitness test? Only you didn’t. You spent the night with great people in a fun environment.

But now you are feeling fatigued beyond belief, your head seems like it will burst, your
stomach needs just a little push to give back anything and everything you ate yesterday, and
you seem so thirsty you could drink up Lake Travis.

Don’t worry, it’s just a hangover, but if you don’t have the time or the desire to feel terrible
for the rest of the day, and possibly tomorrow, here’s a miracle hangover cure. The After Party IV Drip is all your body needs to recover in a matter of minutes.


The IV packages at Theraptiva Medics are formulated with end users in mind. We have considered every possible need that hinders the general sound health of people across different ages, gender, and walk of life and provided solutions. Not only are our products of high-quality and offer quick recovery; they are offered at the most affordable prices with ease of accessibility and use. Our in-home infusions will get to you within the shortest time after your order.

At Theraptiva, we serve ease and value at cost-effective prices.

The After Party Symptoms

After a night of heavy drinking, one of the first symptoms you will feel is a headache. The
best way to treat a hangover headache and all the other symptoms like dehydration and nausea is with an After Party IV Drip.

Excessive alcohol consumption causes quite a few things in your body. When you wake up
the next morning, your liver has to work harder and get all the extra alcohol out. Alcohol
also causes dehydration and a loss of electrolytes, plus it reduces your vitamin B levels.

Acetaldehyde levels in your body also rise immensely after a heavy night out. Acetaldehyde is a byproduct produced during the metabolization of ethanol in your liver. But it is also
toxic in higher quantities and one of the main reasons you are now feeling head-splitting

As you can see, countless reactions are happening in your body after heavy drinking. And to treat them, we have created the After Party IV Drip.

After Party IV Drip addresses and solves each one of the above-mentioned symptoms
relieving you of pain and nausea almost immediately.

Why You Need the After Party IV Drip

Let’s start with treating the headache. The best way to treat any inflammatory problem is to provide an anti-inflammatory solution, in this case, Toradol. Toradol is a pain reliever that will help with your headache as soon as the IV treatment starts.

Next, you want to get the excessive alcohol out of your system as soon as possible. Vitamin
B6, which is included in the vitamin B complex and a part of our IV vitamin therapy, is known
to help your body process the alcohol faster. Combine that with B12 and Zofran, the anti-
nausea medication, and you have the recipe for feel-better-fast treatment.

Finally, all that alcohol deprived your body of essential nutrients and electrolytes. You are also dehydrated, hence all the thirst you are feeling. To help, our After Party IV Drip contains magnesium, zinc, vitamin C, and glutathione.

Combine all the vitamins and minerals with the medication and administer that
intravenously through a liquid, and you will feel positive effects quickly. Simply book an appointment by calling (972) 833-0008 or sending an email to, say you need the After Party IV Drip, and one of our nurses will
be on their way to you.

Hungover? Use the Mobile IV Therapy Service

Don’t want to leave your house? Anyone can understand why. You are feeling terrible. You would do anything rather than leave your home and battle the bright sunlight and loud noises.

Why not just stay indoors and order some food? Let us help you with the hungover
symptoms with our mobile IV therapy service. With such symptoms, you want the healing to come to you, and that is exactly what will happen.

They will visit you in the place of your choice, home, office, or the hotel, and administer IV
therapy, after which you are going to feel as if you were drinking club soda for the whole night.

Are You Looking for the After Party IV Drip?

You have just read there is a hangover cure and that you can easily order a mobile IV
therapy service that comes to your home and administers the cure. What more could you
want after a night of heavy drinking?

It’s simple, if you want to feel better fast, book an appointment by calling us at (972) 833-0008 or emailing us at and order your hangover cure.

After the IV therapy, all that is left to do is eat a hearty meal and drink a decent amount of
water during the day.

Featured Products

We have a standard pricing system for all our in-home IB therapy packages. However, certain factors may cause slight variations in these prices. Chief among these factors is the extra cost of additional Saline and Add-ins. So, while the prices of our packages range from $165 to about $275 the question of ‘how much is IV therapy in texas?’ Is hinged on the prices of the extra features that users pick.

All our IV infusion packages are prepared with the same level of quality and effectiveness however, the extra features may cause variations in the intensity of an infusion package care. Hence, once you have chosen your IV therapy package and add-ins, your nurse will administer the IV.

Myers Cocktail IV Drip

$20 - $25

IV Vitamin Add-Ins

  • Zinc $25
  • Seremium $25
  • Taurine $25
  • B-complex $25
  • Biotin $20
  • Vitamin C $20
  • B12 $20
  • Magnesium $20
  • Glutathione $20

$30 - $35

Intra Muscular Injections

  • B-12 $30
  • Lipo-C $30
  • Glutathione $35
  • Vitamin D $35
Myers Cocktail IV Drip


Additional Saline (1L)

We also offer additional Saline at quantities within your budget.

How Much Is IV Therapy in Texas?

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Help & FAQ

General Questions

Here are a few commonly asked questions by patients before administering an IV drip or booking an appointment. We hope these resolve all your doubts. If not, feel free to ask our medical professionals while booking an appointment.

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