Be Happy​ IV Drip

Be Happy

Price: $185

Who doesn’t want to be happy? It is a noisy world with only few reasons that keep one happy. Hence, to stay happy, you have to be deliberate about happiness. Buying this cost-effective, IV Drip therapy will make all the difference in your mood and happiness. The Magnesium content in the drip is known to boost energy level, and douce anxiety and stress. Hence, when combined with B complex that supplies energy and Taurine that helps to balance the mood, the drip is able to eradicate every source of foul mood and get you happy almost immediately after use


  • B complex
  • Vitamin B12
  • Magnesium
  • Taurine
  • NAD+
  • Zinc
  • Glutathione

Great for

  • It helps the mind and body to relax
  • It softens your mood and keep you in a state of peace, serenity, and productivity.
  • It helps you focus
  • It gives you energy

The B-complex constituent is widely known to relieve stress and even boost cognitive performance and reduce anxiety. The B-complex in the drip therefore makes up for the deficiency of the nutrients that naturally relieves stress and lifts the mood. Meanwhile, the NAD+ makes for proper functioning of the body.

Be Happy IV Drip

Who knew happiness would be something you can improve with a few specific vitamins,
minerals, and amino acids. But it is true. With the Be Happy IV Drip, you can boost your
mood and reduce stress levels.
The culture around us has made hard work, or the “grind”, a normality.

Suddenly, working harder, exposing yourself to neverending stress factors, and cutting down on sleep is
something successful people do to get to the next level. Or so we are led to believe.

But, in reality, all that leaves a substantial mark on your body and mind. So, whenever you
get the chance, you should dial down and take a moment to improve your mood. Because if
you don’t, if you end up feeling miserable after all that work, what is the point then?


The IV packages at Theraptiva Medics are formulated with end users in mind. We have considered every possible need that hinders the general sound health of people across different ages, gender, and walk of life and provided solutions. Not only are our products of high-quality and offer quick recovery; they are offered at the most affordable prices with ease of accessibility and use. Our in-home infusions will get to you within the shortest time after your order.

At Theraptiva, we serve ease and value at cost-effective prices.

How Be Happy IV Drip Boosts Your Mood

Luckily for most business people, improving your mood and reducing stress is something you can achieve with IV vitamin therapy packages. As our understanding of vitamins,
minerals, and their function in the human body increases, you can benefit from it.

The Be Happy IV Drip uses a specially formulated combination of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to reduce your stress levels, boost your energy, and improve heart and brain functions.

All this contributes to you feeling happier and ready to tackle new challenges.

Understandably, sometimes you feel overwhelmed with work, problems, and just life. In the
past, the only way to get away from that was to take time off, but that isn’t the case anymore.

Now you can get the most out of mobile IV therapy services and receive a package of being-
happy treatment at your home, office, or hotel.

You don’t have to leave your comfort zone, you can book an appointment by calling (972)
833-0008 or sending an email to, and one of our nurses will be
on their way to administer the treatment!

Vitamin B Reduces Stress Levels

B complex is a combination of all eight B vitamins, and it plays a crucial role in improving
your mood with our Be Happy IV Drip.

Medical professionals were long interested in how B vitamins affect mental health. So, they
conducted medical research confirming that B vitamin groups play a significant role in
reducing stress levels in healthy people and at-risk groups.

Improving your B vitamin intake through food or with IV vitamin therapy can improve your
mood, prevent mood swings, and reduce the risks of depression. But supplementing
intravenously makes the process more effective because you are bypassing the digestive tract!

What’s more, keeping the intake of all eight B vitamins, not just B12, can boost brain health,
nerve function, and energy production.

Taking all that research into account, you can safely assume that increasing your B vitamins intake will improve your mood, simply because B vitamins play such a vital role in most of our bodily functions.

Minerals Boost Your Energy

Magnesium and zinc are also substantial performers in our Be Happy IV Drip. Magnesium
is a mineral that helps your body maintain sleep and regulate mood. It supports proper nerve and muscle function and regulates energy production.

Also, don’t think zinc isn’t a major mineral contributing to your well-being because you only need it in small amounts. Zinc plays a vital role in the creation of DNA, building muscle through the creation of protein, and healing tissue. What’s more, zinc is also one of the ingredients responsible for a healthy immune system.

Both zinc and magnesium are minerals that help our body function properly. And a mood-boosting treatment without them would be hard to imagine. Luckily, our IV treatment contains both.

In addition to minerals, Be Happy IV Drip also contains taurine and NAD+. NAD+ is a small molecule that plays a vital role in energy production and maintenance, plus it is one of the responsible elements for proper cell functioning.

And taurine is an amino acid with functions in both the heart and body. It supports nerve growth and can help people suffering from heart diseases or a stressful nervous system.

Improve Your Mood With the Be Happy IV Drip

Be Happy IV Drip is one of the best and easiest ways to improve your mood almost instantly.
Booking the treatment is insanely easy with just a phone call, it comes to your address, and a nurse administers the treatment for you. Plus, the package contains all the essential mood-boosting elements.

Ready to receive your Be Happy IV Drip? Then call us at (972) 833-0008 or book your appointment online and feel better quickly!

Featured Products

We have a standard pricing system for all our in-home IB therapy packages. However, certain factors may cause slight variations in these prices. Chief among these factors is the extra cost of additional Saline and Add-ins. So, while the prices of our packages range from $165 to about $275 the question of ‘how much is IV therapy in texas?’ Is hinged on the prices of the extra features that users pick.

All our IV infusion packages are prepared with the same level of quality and effectiveness however, the extra features may cause variations in the intensity of an infusion package care. Hence, once you have chosen your IV therapy package and add-ins, your nurse will administer the IV.

Myers Cocktail IV Drip

$20 - $25

IV Vitamin Add-Ins

  • Zinc $25
  • Seremium $25
  • Taurine $25
  • B-complex $25
  • Biotin $20
  • Vitamin C $20
  • B12 $20
  • Magnesium $20
  • Glutathione $20

$30 - $35

Intra Muscular Injections

  • B-12 $30
  • Lipo-C $30
  • Glutathione $35
  • Vitamin D $35
Myers Cocktail IV Drip


Additional Saline (1L)

We also offer additional Saline at quantities within your budget.

How Much Is IV Therapy in Texas?

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Help & FAQ

General Questions

Here are a few commonly asked questions by patients before administering an IV drip or booking an appointment. We hope these resolve all your doubts. If not, feel free to ask our medical professionals while booking an appointment.

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