Migraine Relief​ IV Drip

Migraine Relief

Migraine Relief

Price: $180

Magnesium and B complex are two of the most available and effective naturally proven solutions to chronic headaches and Migraines. These two illnesses are some of nature’s worst interruptions to your day. They will keep you off productivity and sometimes degenerate to other illnesses. But you can trust our IV infusion therapy for the most rounded combination of nutrients to combat them. It offers one of the fastest relieving formula with timely relief at cost-effective prices. You can trust its Magnesium and B complex constituents.

This package can be administered as an in-home service. It is preferred mostly for headaches because of the rapid rate at which it combats migraine and severe headache.


  • Magnesium
  • B complex
  • Vitamin C
  • Zofran (Anti-nausea medication)
  • Toradol (pain)

Great for

  • Migraine and headache
  • Boosting hydration level
  • Replenishing vitamin levels
  • Utilizing packed electrolyte growth for energy production in the body.

Migraine Relief IV Drip


Have you ever felt a throbbing pain on the one side of your head? And at the same time
sensitivity to light and sound? Nausea, and sometimes vomiting usually follow the whole experience.

If this description gives you shivers, you know what a migraine attack feels like. And then you also know it can last anywhere between 4 and 72 hours if you don’t treat it.

There is also something you probably didn’t know. Migraine Relief IV Drip can help you
relieve migraine symptoms and go through the pain gracefully.

How Migraine Relief IV Drip Works

Migraines are a menace if you want to function and get the job done. Because, for most
working people, taking time off to treat a migraine is not an option.

But what if you could treat a migraine in less than an hour at a place where you feel
comfortable? Well, with mobile IV therapy, you can do exactly that.

Once you feel a migraine or a heavy headache creeping in, you can call us at (972) 833-0008 or send an email to contact@theraptiva.com and order migraine treatment.

The Migraine Relief IV Drip is packed with three essential nutrients and two medications.
Magnesium, Vitamins B complex, and C are the nutrients your body needs to fight a migraine. But you also need Zofran to ease nausea, and Toradol for the pain.

Once the migraine starts, there is little you can do by drinking water or resting. You have to
act, and usually, that means consuming an over-the-counter painkiller or a specific migraine medication. In both cases, you will have to wait before they start working.

When you decide to go with IV therapy to treat your migraines, you will receive a pain-
reliever, combined with essential nutrients, but your body will consume it much faster
because it is administered intravenously.

And the best part of it all? You don’t even have to leave your home or office. Are you
located somewhere in the North or East Texas or the Dallas – Fort Worth area? Then you can receive our mobile IV therapy service.

Here’s Why IV Vitamin Drips Are Better for Migraine Relief

If you are using classic oral medication to treat migraines you already know it takes time for them to work. This is because they have to go through the digestive system.

The Migraine Relief IV Drip bypasses the digestive system and goes directly into your
bloodstream. Additionally, depending on the severity of your migraine, you can increase the painkiller dosage in the drip, making the treatment even more effective.

IV therapy for migraines also provides your body with nutrients like magnesium and vitamin B complex. Having a deficiency in either vitamin B complex or magnesium is known to trigger a migraine in most patients.

The thing with migraines is that as difficult as they are to treat at the moment, it is even
more difficult to affect the severity of symptoms over time. However, using IV vitamin therapy, you can reduce the number of migraines over time or lessen the symptom severity.

Reducing the number of migraines or the severity of symptoms comes down to identifying and avoiding triggers. For most patients, triggers are a lack of hydration and a deficiency in
either vitamin B complex or magnesium.

So, if you want to start living a migraine-free lifestyle in one of the areas we serve, you
should definitely book an appointment. You can also call us at (972) 833-0008 or send an email to contact@theraptiva.com and start getting the nutrients your body craves.

Why Mobile IV Therapy is Especially Handy During Migraines

Once a migraine starts, you only want to lay down and disappear from any source of light or
sound. But life hardly gives you an opportunity for that. Most of the time, you have to
continue functioning, even with a throbbing pain in the corner of your head.

And that is why you can benefit from mobile IV therapy. Whether you are at home, at a
hotel, or work, you can simply contact us and order your Migraine Relief IV Drip. One of
our registered nurses will be on their way to administer the drip, and in 30-45 minutes, your
migraine will be a thing of the past.

Want to Learn More About Migraine Relief IV Drip?

If migraines are making your life difficult and consuming more and more medication is
causing you medication overuse headaches, you should try IV therapy.

Are you ready to go through throbbing headaches without putting your life on hold? Then
call us at (972) 833-0008 or send an email to contact@theraptiva.com and book an appointment!


The IV packages at Theraptiva Medics are formulated with end users in mind. We have considered every possible need that hinders the general sound health of people across different ages, gender, and walk of life and provided solutions. Not only are our products of high-quality and offer quick recovery; they are offered at the most affordable prices with ease of accessibility and use. Our in-home infusions will get to you within the shortest time after your order.

At Theraptiva, we serve ease and value at cost-effective prices.

Featured Products

We have a standard pricing system for all our in-home IB therapy packages. However, certain factors may cause slight variations in these prices. Chief among these factors is the extra cost of additional Saline and Add-ins. So, while the prices of our packages range from $165 to about $275 the question of ‘how much is IV therapy in texas?’ Is hinged on the prices of the extra features that users pick.

All our IV infusion packages are prepared with the same level of quality and effectiveness however, the extra features may cause variations in the intensity of an infusion package care. Hence, once you have chosen your IV therapy package and add-ins, your nurse will administer the IV.

Myers Cocktail IV Drip

$20 - $25

IV Vitamin Add-Ins

  • Zinc $25
  • Seremium $25
  • Taurine $25
  • B-complex $25
  • Biotin $20
  • Vitamin C $20
  • B12 $20
  • Magnesium $20
  • Glutathione $20

$30 - $35

Intra Muscular Injections

  • B-12 $30
  • Lipo-C $30
  • Glutathione $35
  • Vitamin D $35
Myers Cocktail IV Drip


Additional Saline (1L)

We also offer additional Saline at quantities within your budget.

How Much Is IV Therapy in Texas?

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Help & FAQ

General Questions

Here are a few commonly asked questions by patients before administering an IV drip or booking an appointment. We hope these resolve all your doubts. If not, feel free to ask our medical professionals while booking an appointment.

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