Myers Cocktail IV Drip


Our prices include

Infusion ($230 value), 20 Miles Trave ($50 value), Extra Add-On ($30 value)

Great for

Migraine, Asthma, Fatigue, Allergies, Depression, Can help with cardiovascular disease, Covid and flu/cold symptoms


Vitamin B Complex, B12, Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Glutathione

The rave about our Myers cocktail drip goes beyond the cities in Texas. Costumers attest to the fact that our Myers Cocktail is your ticket to blossoming health all-round. It is what we like to call the jack-of-all trade but this time; master of ALL! This IV drip answers to many ailing conditions.

The effectiveness of the drip is sourced from its rich combination of six of the most beneficial vitamins, some other nutrients, and fluids. Magnesium alone accounts for over 300 enzyme reactions in the human body. These powerful ingredients regulates blood pressure, improves muscle and nerve function, and supports the immune system.

Another secret to the IV Drip Cocktail’s premium effectiveness is in the speed with which it relieves consumers of symptoms. As a result of the fact that it releases nutrients directly to the bloodstream, it cuts down on the time required to process the nutrient and gives off the required result. Hence, our Myers Cocktail is your go-to for fast and effective relief.


The IV packages at Theraptiva Medics are formulated with end users in mind. We have considered every possible need that hinders the general sound health of people across different ages, gender, and walk of life and provided solutions. Not only are our products of high-quality and offer quick recovery; they are offered at the most affordable prices with ease of accessibility and use. Our in-home infusions will get to you within the shortest time after your order.

At Theraptiva, we serve ease and value at cost-effective prices.

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We have a standard pricing system for all our in-home IB therapy packages. However, certain factors may cause slight variations in these prices. Chief among these factors is the extra cost of additional Saline and Add-ins. So, while the prices of our packages range from $165 to about $275 the question of ‘how much is IV therapy in texas?’ Is hinged on the prices of the extra features that users pick.

All our IV infusion packages are prepared with the same level of quality and effectiveness however, the extra features may cause variations in the intensity of an infusion package care. Hence, once you have chosen your IV therapy package and add-ins, your nurse will administer the IV.

IV Vitamin Add-Ins

$20 - $25

Zinc ($25) • Seremium ($25) • Taurine ($25) • B-complex ($25) • Biotin ($20) • Vitamin C ($20) • B12 ($20) • Magnesium ($20) • Glutathione ($20)

Intra Muscular Injections

$30 - $35

B-12 ($30) • Lipo-C ($30) • Glutathione ($35) • Vitamin D ($35)

Additional Saline (1L)


We also offer additional Saline at quantities within your budget.

Help & FAQ

General Questions

Here are a few commonly asked questions by patients before administering an IV drip or booking an appointment. We hope these resolve all your doubts. If not, feel free to ask our medical professionals while booking an appointment.

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