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Whether you are suffering from jet lag, headache, heatstroke, or recovering from an illness, Theraptiva’s mobile IV therapy in Houston and Dallas provides a quick solution. Our varieties of drips are prepared according to the needs of the patients, so they feel their best!

Speedy Recovery IV Drip


Do you know the feeling when you are working long hours for a week or two, you are under
a lot of pressure, and you don’t have the time to keep a healthy diet? Somewhere in that
period, you might feel like your immune system is getting weaker.

Then suddenly, you lose a bit of sleep due to a larger project or a crucial business flight, and
you catch a cold or the flu. But you can’t afford to be tied to a bed for a few days when you
still have work to do.

The solution to such a problem is the Speedy Recovery IV Drip, a package made for people
who don’t have the time to recover from a small illness naturally and want to boost it with mobile IV vitamin therapy.

Why the Speedy Recovery IV Drip?

Speedy Recovery IV Drip is the perfect solution when you are overworked, stressed, and
your immune system is weaker than it should be.

You should use this IV vitamin therapy when you are feeling nauseated, low in energy, or
you want to improve your immune system. Because it contains Pepcid, you can treat many
stomach and throat problems, persistent coughs, heartburn, and similar issues.

Plus, Speedy Recovery IV Drip also contains Toradol. Toradol is an anti-inflammatory drug
that decreases moderate to severe pain by blocking your body’s natural production of
inflammatory substances.

In conclusion, our carefully constructed get-better-fast IV drip can help you when you are
not feeling well in your stomach or you have an inflammation issue like a headache. Though,
if you are suffering from a migraine, you would benefit more from our Migraine Relief IV Drip.

p.This treatment is designed for people who don’t have the time or don’t want to wait for

their bodies to get better on their own. If you have a business flight, a crucial meeting with a client, or you are presenting a topic at an important speaking event, you can’t afford to have a throbbing headache or a sore throat.

So, what you can do is book an appointment by calling (972) 833-0008 or sending an email
to contact@theraptiva.com and be on your way to feeling better in no time.

The Ingredients that Improve Your Health

Other than the drugs Toradol and Pepcid, Speedy Recovery IV Drip also contains B
vitamins, vitamin C, minerals like magnesium and zinc, and glutathione. All of these
ingredients play a vital role in boosting your immune system and improving your body
functions. Glutathione, for example, is normally produced by your liver. But it is a crucial element for a functioning immune system and it helps in building tissue. Increasing your glutathione
intake with IV therapy can have numerous benefits for your body. The same goes for vitamins B and C, they are simply irreplaceable in your body’s attempt to have a healthy immune system. Not to mention that magnesium and zinc play a vital role in
muscle building and energy production.

Due to a combination of crucial vitamins and minerals, the Speedy Recovery IV Drip is a
perfect mobile therapy treatment for anyone who is suffering enough to not be able to function properly.

It doesn’t matter if you have a sore throat, an immune system that needs improving, or you
are lacking energy, IV vitamin therapy can help you!

Mobile IV Therapy Services are Perfect for a Speedy Recovery

Maybe the best feature about our Speedy Recovery IV Drip is that you can receive the
treatment from the comfort of your home, office, or hotel if you are located in an area we serve. If you are feeling nauseated, want to boost your immune system, or have a throbbing headache, why leave your home just for an over-the-counter medicine?
If you go with our mobile IV therapy, you will simply describe your symptoms over the
phone and we can decide on the perfect IV drip together, or you can immediately say what
you want to order.
Next, one of our registered nurses will be on their way to administer the IV drip in a location
where you feel comfortable. Most of our treatments last between 30 and 45 minutes, after
which you will feel immediate improvement.
There is no need to stress over something as little as nausea or a headache. Not when the
solution is at the tip of your fingers.

All you need to do is call (972) 833-0008 or send an email to contact@theraptiva.com and
book an appointment to receive our mobile IV therapy service as quickly as possible!

We Are Open for Appointments

When you are low due to the flu or cold, or experiencing nausea and headache due to a long day outdoors or at work, call us right away to book your appointment. Our medical experts will evaluate your symptoms and offer you’re the best IV therapy that your body needs.

How Theraptiva’s Mobile IV Therapy Works for Speedy Recovery

If you are a busy individual and are not able to fetch time for recovering from headaches, nausea, and other variety of conditions, mobile IV drip therapy is just for you. Our Drip IV therapy helps you get back up on your feet quickly.

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