Hydration IV Therapy

IV Drip Therapy for Hydration

Our IV hydration therapy is a simple treatment that provides fluids into your bloodstream easily. The fluids include vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, etc that quickly help your body to recover from the lost fluids when drinking fluids is not possible.

Our trained and compassionate medical professionals arrive at your location and
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Hydration IV Therapy


Hydration IV therapy is a perfect treatment when your body needs liquids and needs them fast. Dehydration can happen due to a myriad of reasons. If you are a live performer, you will be dehydrated after a concert or any other stage act.

Also, your body will require more water than usual after a taxing athletic event, like a marathon. And you might think that drinking water or a sports drink will replenish your liquids and electrolytes easily, but it won’t.

Hydration IV therapy bypasses the digestive tract and delivers the liquids and nutrients directly to your bloodstream. This means your body can use them much more efficiently and quickly!


What is Hydration IV Therapy?

Hydration IV therapy is a quick and efficient process to provide your body with everything it is missing. If you are feeling dehydrated, you can book an appointment, and one of our registered nurses will be on their way to your destination.

The nurse will set up the treatment in your home, office, or hotel, and after a meager 30 to 45 minutes, you will feel as good as new. Hydration IV therapy provides your body with lost liquids, vitamins, and minerals.

You might wonder, how would you know if you are dehydrated, and isn’t that a consequential problem treated in a hospital?

While extreme dehydration can happen and needs specific medical attention, it can start with lesser, barely noticeable symptoms and become worse if left untreated.

For example, after a heavy night of drinking, your body will already be dehydrated. So, if you don’t drink enough liquids and replenish electrolytes throughout the day, the day after will
be even more problematic.

The key to preventing dehydration is acting on time and using Hydration IV therapy as a treatment and prevention measure. Make your appointment by calling (972) 833-0008 or emailing contact@theraptiva.com.

How Does Hydration IV Therapy Work?

Hydration IV therapy has long been used in hospitals as a part of regular medical practice. Dehydration is a serious issue and can happen because of numerous reasons. Patients can suffer from diarrhea and be dehydrated, diabetes can cause dehydration, and even extreme athletic exercise can leave your body lusting for fluids.

Helping treat dehydration, Hydration IV Therapy will do two main things for your body.

Firstly, the treatment contains saline, a mixture of sodium chloride or salt, and water. When saline is injected through your veins as a solution, it hydrates your body rapidly and provides
the necessary electrolytes. Saline is also the go-to solution for treating dehydration in hospitals.

In cases where your body lacks much more electrolytes and sodium chloride is not enough,
you might receive a fluid called Lactated Ringer’s solution. Lactated Ringer’s contains sodium chloride as well, but it also contains sodium lactate, potassium chloride, and calcium chloride.

Secondly, depending on the severity of your condition, you might also receive vitamins, minerals, and even medications through Hydration IV Therapy. If your body lacks liquids, vitamins, and minerals, it won’t function properly, or maybe at all. Dehydration can be a severe issue if you don’t treat it, and it can leave lasting effects on your body and health.

Hydration IV therapy is here to replenish your body with liquids and required nutrients so you can get back on track as quickly as possible. Because the nutrients are flowing directly to your bloodstream, your body will use them immediately, and you will notice you are feeling better right after the treatment.

What Are the Benefits?

The biggest reason you should choose Hydration IV therapy instead of simply drinking water is that your intestines will get the water before the rest of your body does if you drink it. On top of that, if you drink too much water too quickly, you could seriously upset your stomach and become ill.

Hydration IV therapy will hydrate your body and give it the necessary nutrients. But because your body can use the nutrients immediately, you will feel better almost instantly. Replenishing lost electrolytes is crucial if you are dehydrated, and a mixture of saline or Lactated Ringers in more severe cases, will help your body recover and feel better in the 30 to 45 minutes the treatment lasts.

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Dehydration is not something you should leave aside and treat when you have the time. If you feel dehydrated, you should act immediately and book your appointment by calling (972) 833-0008 or emailing contact@theraptiva.com.

Don’t let your body wait for the nutrients it so drastically requires!

Rehydrate Fast with Theraptiva’s IV at home Hydration Drips

When body fluid loss is more than the fluid intake, it causes dehydration. If the condition is left untreated, it can lead to some serious consequences. The lack of water creates an imbalance of minerals in the body. Hence, it is important to avoid dehydration. These ingredients will alleviate the symptoms of dehydration and make you feel energized again.



The saline solution naturally helps to regain energy and builds the immune system.

Lactated Ringers

Lactated Ringers

It helps to restore the lost fluids from the body. The mix consists of water and electrolytes.

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Alleviate The Symptoms of Dehydration with Theraptiva’s Local IV Therapy

It is important to treat the symptoms of dehydration. So, if you want to get rid of these symptoms, do not hesitate to call us anytime and book your appointment.

IV drip can be helpful here, particularly when you are vomiting making it difficult to rehydrate.



Dark Urine

Dark Urine





Help & FAQ

General Questions

Here are a few commonly asked questions by patients before administering an IV drip or booking an appointment. We hope these resolve all your doubts. If not, feel free to ask our medical professionals while booking an appointment.

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