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We provide efficient home IV drips near you. We administer the IV on-site, enabling you to relax and enjoy the wellness you wish. Our mobile IV hydration services ensure the highest standards effective in fighting fatigue, hangover, jetlag, and much more. Take a look at few more benefits –

IV Therapy for Strength & Performance


IV Therapy can do wonders for your body. With the right components and intravenous
delivery, you can improve your metabolism, boost energy production, optimize muscle
function, and alleviate crucial coenzyme deficiency.

IV Therapy for Strength and Performance can be used by business professionals looking to reduce stress and improve health, professional and amateur athletes, and everyone else looking to improve their strength and health with vitamin therapy.

IV Therapy for Performance And Recovery

Under the IV Therapy for Strength and Performance, you can find treatments for specific
situations like marathon recovery or muscle fatigue.

Vitamin treatments with the recovery benefits supply your body with components like B and C vitamins, magnesium and glutathione, and Toradol. Vitamins ensure your body can
process the nutrients from your diet and turn them into energy. Vitamin B also boosts red
blood cell production, and vitamin C strengthens your bones and muscles in collagen

Magnesium will help your muscles function by reducing muscle spasms and cramps, and
glutathione improves muscle strength and general health.

When reaching your fitness goals or high athletic peaks, paying attention to your vitamin and mineral intake is crucial. Without the right amount of magnesium, your muscles will spasm, and without enough Vitamin C, your body will have a hard time repairing tissue and creating collagen.

So if your goal is to reach athletic heights, you should book an appointment by calling
(972) 833-0008 or emailing contact@theraptiva.com.

Have a Strong And Healthy Body With IV Therapy

Improving your strength and muscle performance is not the only factor for a strong and
healthy body. Improving your immune system, hydrating your skin, and increasing NAD+ levels to avoid difficult-to-treat diseases are vital to your health.

Improving your immune system is something that highly depends on your nutrient intake. And luckily, nutrient intake and usage are something IV therapy excels at.

Due to the digestive tract, if you supplement vitamins and minerals orally, your body can only use about half of the nutrients available. And even then, it can take a long time for them to become effective in maintaining your strength and health.

Mobile IV therapy bypasses the digestive tract, and the vitamins and minerals become
available to your body in all of their capacity.

To improve your immune system, you will receive a combination of vitamin C and all eight B vitamins, with a side of glutathione. After all, optimizing your red blood cell production and function is crucial for a sturdy natural resistance.

Hydrating your body is another essential factor to keep your health and looks optimized,
especially after an athletic event or a different kind of performance. With Hydration IV Therapy, your skin will receive the required amount of liquids combined with electrolytes you might have lost during the event.

On top of that, intravenous therapy is the most effective treatment for dehydration. So, if
you think your body lacks liquids and electrolytes, Hydration IV Therapy is the solution.

And then comes NAD+, one of the most vital coenzymes in your body. NAD+ is responsible
for over one hundred different types of chemical reactions, and as you grow older, its levels start to diminish.

Keeping your NAD+ levels high will help your body function properly and have more energy.
Not to mention that NAD+ deficiency has been connected with diabetes and other arduous or impossible to cure diseases.

Alleviate Work Stress And Fatigue

IV Therapy for Stress and Performance can also help you work through stressful work
weeks or training regimes while keeping your performance optimal.

With the help of Exhaustion IV Therapy and the careful selection of vitamins, minerals, and one amino acid, your body will receive the boost it needs to function under heavy stress.

Especially the addition of vitamin C makes the difference between losing your composure during prolonged stressful situations and functioning at a steady pace. In one study,

researchers found that vitamin C can help alleviate work fatigue and help workers perform better during difficult weeks when over hours are becoming a norm.

Book Your IV Therapy for Strength & Performance

There is no question that IV Therapy for Strength and Performance can help you reach your goals. Whether you are a professional or amateur athlete looking to optimize muscle performance or a business professional finding your way through a busy period, your body will need all the energy it can get.

If you are ready to provide your body with the required nutrients and increase your energy levels, call us at (972) 833-0008 or email contact@theraptiva.com and book your appointment.

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