Marathon Recovery IV Therapy

Marathon Recovery

Are you recovering from a half marathon or full marathon?

Our mobile IV therapy team supplies IV therapy supplements, which are carefully created for faster muscle recovery, stress relief, and more energy production.  Save your gas and have an endovenous supplement expert from mobile IV therapy come to you for your recovery needs.

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Marathon Recovery IV Therapy

Your body is a “mechanism” capable of astonishing feats. If you train enough, you could run
marathons, win Iron Man races, lift boulders and achieve more than anyone else. But a
crucial aspect of every training routine and goal is the after-workout nutrition.

After a marathon or another intense game or lifting session, your body has lost liquids,
electrolytes, and essential nutrients. Paying attention to your after and pre-workout rituals
will make all the difference in achieving your fitness goals.

The Post-Game IV Drip will hydrate your body and fill it with essential minerals and
vitamins after a heavy workout, marathon, or another type of competition.

Marathon Recovery IV Therapy, Why Your Body Needs It

Running long distances offers substantial benefits for your body. Your muscles will get
stronger and sturdier, and capillaries delivering oxygen to your muscles will grow, increasing their capacity. However, running is also extremely taxing on your body, and you should know how best to approach muscle recovery.

During long-distance running, your body sweats a lot. And because of sweating, you are
losing electrolytes and minerals responsible for vital body functions like hydration and muscle contraction.

Also, to fuel the muscles you need for running, your body uses magnesium and vitamins B and C, crucial components for muscle function and recovery.

Don’t misunderstand and think that running is not beneficial for your body. Its benefits far
outweigh the disadvantages, but only as long as you give your muscles time to recover.
Caring for your muscle recovery during training is vital to becoming an exceptional athlete.

And the best way to help your muscles recover is with IV vitamin therapy.

Ingredients That Help Your Body Recover

Marathon Recovery IV Therapy contains crucial vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients
that help your body recover from such a straining athletic activity.

B vitamins help your body process the food you eat after running and turn it into energy.
Your muscles will be so depleted that you have to fuel them as soon as possible. Also, B
vitamins are part of the red blood cell creation process. And you will need red blood cells to
keep your body healthy and provide your muscles with oxygen.

Vitamin C, on the other hand, will help your body repair tissue faster. You see, vitamin C is a
crucial component of collagen production. Your body needs collagen to keep your bones,
muscles, and tendons healthy and strong. Plus, vitamin C has anti-inflammatory properties
that can prevent too much muscle fatigue.

On top of vitamins, Muscle Recover IV Therapy contains magnesium. Magnesium helps your body create red blood cells, and since they are responsible for carrying oxygen to your body, the more red blood cells you have, the more oxygen your muscles can have.

Magnesium also reduces muscle spasms and cramps. Making, without a doubt, magnesium crucial for muscle recovery, but also in race preparation.

With these nine vitamins, C and eight B vitamins, the Marathon Recovery IV therapy will help you recover quickly after running long distances. Book an appointment online and be on your way to normal functioning faster.

Marathon Recovery IV Therapy Helps You Function Normally

The worst part about running a marathon, or even a half marathon, is the days or weeks
after the race. Muscle recovery can take a very long time, and it is never the same for everyone.

But sometimes, you can’t afford days or weeks of muscle recovery. Maybe you need to get back to work as quickly as possible. Hence, Marathon Recovery IV Therapy also contains Toradol, a painkiller that will help you endure muscle aches and spasms you might feel after running a little longer than 26 miles.

Together with Toradol, the therapy contains glutathione, an antioxidant fighting oxidative stress. And since oxidative stress is the reason you are feeling muscle fatigue, glutathione can help you immensely.

Finally, your marathon recovery wouldn’t be complete without lipo-c boosting your
metabolism and helping you create energy delivered faster to your muscles with the help of
red blood cells created with magnesium.

Book Your Marathon Recovery Session Today!

The body is an amazing creation of nature that allows you to run for extreme distances with
proper training. But only when you care for your body more than you care for the training
routine is when your strength and endurance will truly increase.

So don’t wait for muscles to recover on their own. Book your Marathon Recovery IV Therapy today by calling (972) 833-0008 or emailing and start helping your muscles!

Ingredients of IV Drip Therapy for Marathon Athletic Recovery

B complex

B complex

B vitamins aid in the breakdown and conversion of food into the energy your body requires to function and grow. Stress, vitality, and muscle performance have all been found to improve when B vitamins are supplemented.



It is a vital component of the human body, as it aids in the formation of blood cells, and nerve cells. Your metabolism functions because of it, and without it, you will have no energy. It proves very effective in healing and providing strength to your muscles.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Supplementing with vitamin C has resulted in reduction of weariness, especially when IV drip therapy is taken. . It is a major booster of adrenal gland function, and as a result, it aids in the modulation of stress reactions and helps in the easy Marathon Athletic Recovery.



Many vital body processes are influenced by it, including energy production and muscular function. One advantage of IV magnesium therapy is that it may allow sick cells to absorb magnesium in ways that are not possible when taken orally.



Lipotropes are chemicals that aid in the breakdown of body fats during metabolism. Lipo C IV therapy consists of three different lipotropic substances that, when taken with exercise and a good diet, can increase fat and weight loss. In addition to this, it helps in restoring muscle strength and improving performance.



It is a dominant antioxidant that is used for the treatment of different health conditions. It helps in the neutralization of free radicals and also improves muscle strength.



It is one of the most powerful supplements given to patients for recovery. It is effective to provide short-term relief from pain and is used in IV therapy. The pain can be relieved for less than or equal to 5 days.

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